Common Household Poisons for your Pets

From food to plants, there are dozens of household objects that can be poisonous to your pets.  Do a little spring cleaning and pet proof your home with these precautions.

1.  Household Cleaners-  Keep household cleaning products out of reach.  From a curious kitty chewing up dozens of wipes or a puppy opening a cabinet and getting into the floor cleaners, there are many things we do not want our pets ingesting.  Keep cleaning products up high or behind a locked cabinet.





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April Flower of the Month – Narcissus (aka Daffodil, Jonquil)

What’s in a Name: The genus name Narcissus is thought to be derived from the Greek Narkissos, meaning sleep or numbness.


The Greek Myth of Narcissus and Echo details the often drooping appearance of Narcissus blooms. Narcissus had an unrequited love for Echo and hid in a cave to escape his sorrow. Often, he would come
out of the cave to check his reflection in a nearby lake. Trying to get a closer look at himself, he fell in and drowned. A Narcissus flower bloomed in his place and its drooping head, leaning over to stare at its
reflection in the lake, was thought to portray the vanity of Narcissus.

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