A Fall Foliage Garden

Top 10 Fall Perennials

Fall is by far our favorite season here at Scenic Roots. Not only for the cooler nights, less traffic, quieter beaches, but the colors… The colors and variety of plants available on the market, now make the fall the number one preferred season to plant. We have whittled down our perennial favorites to 10, so not to overwhelm you. I have a handful of other favorites, and I will save those for when you come in to visit our shop.
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beats by dre pro Here we go, our top 10 fall perennials (+2): Continue reading


August Flower of the Month – Gladiolus

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What’s in a Name: The genus Gladiolus comes from Latin word “gladius” meaning sword, for the plant’s sword-shaped leaves. Some myths say the flower sprang forth where ever there was

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bloodshed during battles of Roman Gladiators. A more charming story attributes the name to a Prince named Lolus who rescued and fell in love with a maiden named Glad…the twist being that the evil

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wizard she was destined to marry turned them both into the flowers we know as Gladiolus! History: Most Gladioli species are native to Africa and all are cousins to Iris. They were first hybridized in the early 1800’s leading to the huge selection of color choices we enjoy in modern gardens and bouquets. Gladioli were also used as medicinal plants in days of yore. Symbolism: remembrance, calm, integrity, and infatuation Did You Know? • A gift of Gladiolus is thought to pierce the recipient’s heart with love • They also represents sincerity and strength of character • Other common names include Glads, Corn Flag & Sword Lilies • The flowers open bottom to top along each stem • They will stay fresh in a bouquet for up to two weeks • Fluoride in the water can cause damage to the blooms


Not all “two-timers” are bad…

Get the most out of your shrubs with reblooming shrubs for loads of color all season long. Reblooming and continuous blooming shrubs enhance the landscape with an abundance of colorful flowers and usually offer an added bonus of attracting birds and butterflies to the garden. Be sure to research the care of your reblooming shrubs for pruning and trimming instructions to enjoy a full season of blooms. Continue reading


Hydrangea Varieties Explained

As beautiful and popular as hydrangeas are, they cause their share of confusion among gardeners. Not least of all because hydrangeas even have their own language – a set of terms that is uniquely associated with this widely grown genus. Here, we’ve tried to define the words that are often thrown around in conversations about sacs louis vuitton
louis vuitton france hydrangeas and put them into a context that shows the real-world relevance to your own garden. Still have questions? You’re welcome to contact us any time. We’re here to help you achieve success with hydrangeas and every plant in your garden! Continue reading


July Flower of the Month – Larkspur

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What’s in a Name: The

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common name Larkspur comes from the resemblance of the blooms to a Lark’s spur or claw. Consolida ajacis is the scientific name and the genus derives from Latin meaning to consolidate or “make firm” as it was used to stop bleeding and speed wound healing. The species comes from the Greek Ajax,windows 8

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key for legend says the flower bloomed where the blood of Ajax was spilled in the battle of Troy. History: Larkspur has a rich history of use as both medicine and poison. It is also often found in folklore as valued plant for use in magic as well as for protecting one from magic! Larkspur was additionally called into use for more common things such as ink, bug repellant and dye. Symbolism: Larkspur, in all colors, are said to symbolize strong bonds of love. Pink ones speak of fickleness, purple of first love and white of happiness. Did You Know? • Larkspur plants are poisonous if ingested • The poison call kill a cow, but does not affect sheep • Hybrid of the species are often not poisonous • Ancients used the flowers in insecticides • Native Americans used them as dye plants • In Britain they are symbolic of laughter and lightnesswindows 7 Clé

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