Mums- the Classic Fall Flower

For Instant Color, Just Add Mums!
SamsungSadly, Summer flowers have faded. The good news is that you can still add new life and color to your garden. In fact, some of the most beautiful colors you’ve seen all year are waiting right now to enter your garden. How? Mums. Garden show-offs with blooms that last for weeks, not days. Mums are easy to find, plant, care for, and even easier to enjoy. Continue reading

Planting Garlic

Growing Garlic

th (4)If you have ever tasted home grown or local farm grown garlic you know it is far superior in flavor to what you can buy in the grocery store. Garlic is an easy crop to grow and planting it in October/early November will ensure you a bountiful harvest next July – which will keep you in home grown garlic for the entire year. Get your soil ready and give it a try. There are basically two types of garlic we use for culinary purposes, Hardneck and Softneck. Both grow well in New England but there are differences. Continue reading

A Fall Foliage Garden

Top 10 Fall Perennials

Fall is by far our favorite season here at Scenic Roots. Not only for the cooler nights, less traffic, quieter beaches, but the colors… The colors and variety of plants available on the market, now make the fall the number one preferred season to plant. We have whittled down our perennial favorites to 10, so not to overwhelm you. I have a handful of other favorites, and I will save those for when you come in to visit our shop. Continue reading


September Flower of the Month – Aster

What’s in a Name: Aster is both the genus and one of the common names of a most popular flower that ranges from daisy-like to star-like in form. The word Aster originates from the Latin for Star. Clé de produit Windows 8.1 Professional Other names include Michaelma’s Daisy, Star Wort and Herb of Venus. History: A popular tale is that Asters come from stardust formed by the tears of Virgo (or Astaea). Aster species (over 600 of them) are found throughout the world and have thus been popular for gardens and gifting for many centuries. They were an easy care choice for late summer and autumn gardens • Chinese Asters are the most common type used in florist bouquetswindows8vente


Not all “two-timers” are bad…

Get the most out of your shrubs with reblooming shrubs for loads of color all season long. Reblooming and continuous blooming shrubs enhance the landscape with an abundance of colorful flowers and usually offer an added bonus of attracting birds and butterflies to the garden. Be sure to research the care of your reblooming shrubs for pruning and trimming instructions to enjoy a full season of blooms. Continue reading