Bagged Product List & Pricing

The following products are our most popular garden items and their prices.  Please call the store for other inventory if you do not see something you are looking for.   (508)888-0044


Top Soil 40lb $2.99

Compost & Manure 40lb $3.99

Dehydrated Manure 30lb $6.99

Landscape Stone 50lb $5.99

White marble, ocean pebble, drainage rock, play sand, patio base

Peat Moss 3.8cuft $14.99

Pine Mulch 3cuft $8.99 Pine Mulch, Pine Mini Nuggets, Pine Nuggets

Hemlock Mulch 3cuft $8.99

Black Cedar Mulch 3cuft $5.99

Red Cedar Mulch 3cuft $5.99

Brown Cedar Mulch 3cuft $5.99

Pelletized Lime 40lb $5.99

Fast Acting Lime 5,000 sqft $16.99

Fox Farm Happy Frog 2cuft $19.99

Fox Farm Ocean Forest 1.5cuft $19.99

SoHum $39.99

Coast of Maine

Penobscot Blend Compost & Peat $9.99

Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost $9.99

Cobscook Blend 1cuft $9.99

Cobscook Blend 2cuft $16.99

Schoodic Blend Composted Manure 1cuft $7.99

Bar Harbor Premium Potting Soil 1cuft $9.99

Bar Harbor Premium Potting Soil 2cuft $17.99

Monhegan Blend Top Soil 1cuft $7.99

Bonide Step1 5,000sqft $19.99

Bonide Step1 15,000sqft $49.99

*** We have our full inventory of other garden product, grass seeds, fertilizers, and chemicals